We are very proud of our Academicals and are always keen to hear from you. Around 3000 former pupils are registered on our Academical database a figure which is growing all the time as new pupils leave the school each year and as we renew contact with other Academicals through our widening channels of communication.

The Kelvinside Academy experience lasts a lifetime and our Academicals are welcome to visit the school all year round.  

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events are listed below and can also be viewed via our School Calendar

Business Breakfasts

Join us for a hearty breakfast, network with old and new friends and share your business experiences with like-minded people.  To date Breakfast Speakers have included Colin Neill (1972), former Director at Diageo, Gareth Gaston (1992), Vice President, Virtual Banking of U.S. Bank, John Boyle, Entrepreneur and Peter C Brown, Former Scotland Rugby Captain.

Saturday Sport

We have a full calendar of fantastic events throughout the year and we would also be delighted to see you and your family at Balgray on a Saturday morning to support our pupils when they are playing Cricket, Hockey or Rugby. This is a great social occasion with our wonderful PTA supplying breakfast rolls and hot drinks in the Miller Drummond Suite.


We are also delighted to help you reconnect with old school friends either directly or by attending regular events throughout the year or our Reunions planned for the day of the Academical Dinner. These events are a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends, share memories, tour the School and reminisce about glory days on the “Field of Dreams” or on the Hockey pitch.


The Annual Academical Dinner 

A fantastic evening when former pupils come together at KA from all over the globe. This is held in the School with drinks in the Kennedy Mall and Dinner served in the main Sports Hall.  

The Sporting Lunch

This takes place during the Autumn Term. This is a great day for watching the hockey and rugby culminating with good food, fine wine and excellent company. The perfect combination!