We understand how difficult it can be for parents to balance work and home commitments so at Kelvinside Academy we offer flexible, high quality, stimulating after school care for your child.

  • Catering for children from Junior 1 to Junior 6.
  • Available from the end of the school day to 6pm.
  • Junior 1 children are escorted from classroom to After School Club.
  • Offering free and more structured play that is creative, engaging and enjoyable in a welcoming, fun environment.
  • Children can take part in a varied programme of activities in the computer suites, multi- media room, playground, games hall or dining hall.
  • Opportunity to complete homework (supervised by a classroom assistant) therefore freeing up family time.
  • Healthy snacks and drinks are provided. 

A Typical Afternoon...

3.00pm J1 Pupils arrive, snack provided , then free play 
3.15pmJ2-6 pupils arrive, snack provided, then free play
3.30pmJ1-J6 homework session (under supervision), free play when finished
4.30pmSecond snack
5.00pmOutdoors or Games Hall. The older children may use the computer suite

The Team

Our After School Club service is run by a team of highly qualified, passionate and caring staff. The pupils who join us not only feel cared for, they also trust our staff to challenge them and encourage their independence. The team are trained in first aid, child protection and behaviour management and are available to discuss your child’s well-being at any time.

A Flexible Approach

We want to help you find the right balance for you and your family so we offer flexibility to best suit your needs. You can opt in to the service on a permanent or ad hoc basis. If you need to make last minute arrangements, we will always do our best to accommodate your child.

Session ABegins at 3.00pm (J1), 3.15pm (J2-6)£4.00 Ends at 3.45pm
Session BBegins at 3.00pm (J1), 3.15pm (J2-6)£7.50 Ends at 4.30pm
Session CBegins at 3.00pm (J1), 3.15pm (J2-6)£13.50 Ends at 6.00pm