Not only are our staff highly qualified, they are passionate, caring, and engaging.  The children in our nursery not only feel loved and cared for but they also trust our staff to teach them new things, challenge their comfort zone and develop their independence. 

Tracy Nugent
Head of Nursery
Julie Hartley
Early Years Practitioner
Pauline Argue
Deputy Head of Nursery

Tracy Nugent BEd, PGDE
Head of Nursery

Tracy has been at the Nursery since 2001 and is a qualified primary school teacher with further specialist qualifications in Early Years Education and Leadership & Management in Education. She combines her exceptional qualifications and experience with a personal and caring approach.

Mrs Nugent takes care of the nursery and makes sure the boys and girls don’t break the toys.

She’s really nice and tells us when it’s tidy up time.

Julie Hartley
Early Years Practitioner & Holiday Session Co-ordinator

I like Mrs Hartley. She reads stories to me.

She tidies up and gives me a smiley face when I tidy up. 

Pauline Argue
Deputy Head of Nursery & Early Years Practitioner 

Miss Argue has a nice, happy smiley face. I like her.

She is nice. She does things like teach people. She’s good at it.

Tracy and her senior staff lead a team of qualified nursery nurses with extensive experience and a vocational approach to childcare. It is this combination of qualifications, experience and distinctive approach that makes us one of the best nurseries in Glasgow. 

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