Kelvinside Academy was one of Scotland’s first schools to be presented with a ‘Digital Schools’ award by Education Scotland. The award promotes, recognises and encourages best practice use of digital technology in schools.

The school boasts a number of cutting-edge offerings including its recently launched innovative Thinking Space, inspired by organisations at the forefront of the tech sector such as Google. The space hosts computers and iPad stations, where pupils are encouraged to make use of digital devices to access the school’s vast online subscription content platforms.

Kelvinside Academy was one of Scotland’s first schools to be presented with a ‘Digital Schools’ award by Education Scotland.

In addition, an experimental teaching room with tables and walls on which pupils can write, features within the Thinking Space. This space, known as the Think Tank, allows pupils to get creative with their work and take pictures on their iPads or electronic devices if they wish rather than recording lessons in jotters.

Our teachers do not view digital technology as a substitute for excellent classroom teaching, but recognise how it can enhance the learning environment for all our pupils. It is essential that pupils have a strong grasp of the educational power of digital platforms so that they are well prepared for life after school.

Early introduction to digital technology is a key feature of the KA curriculum. Our Nursery School classes use iPads, becoming familiar with technology from a young age. From Junior One, all our students participate in coding class and by the end of the year, they can build their own web page on FROG.

All our teachers have iPads and these connect to their classroom smart boards, therefore, enabling a digital learning experience.

Junior School teachers report wide-ranging pupil advancements through the use of the digital technology. Pupils are showing more initiative in all areas of learning and are reading text on websites and reference sources far more advanced than their reading age. The way children are discussing and sharing information with each other digitally has been remarkable.

Kelvinside Academy uses the world class Virtual Learning Environment: Frog. Designed to work on tablets as well as laptops, it is extremely intuitive and fun to use.  Frog has changed the way pupils and teachers engage with the curriculum and with each other and have added many new dimensions to the educational experience of our pupils. The VLE is a library of online resources and digital files. Teachers can create dynamic websites, set and mark assignments online and collaborate with students.

Pupils access the resources of Frog through Wi-Fi connection on personal tablets and laptops. The use of 1:1 devices in the classroom means that our students have access to a vast array of tools to help support, stretch and personalise their learning journey.

These are just some of the digital platforms in place and we are constantly adding to this as technology evolves to ensure our pupils are always ahead of the curve.