Kelvinside Academy is a community and it is the members of this community that make it such a welcoming and inspiring place to be. Each member of staff plays a role in shaping Kelvinside and place huge emphasis on forming strong and supportive one to one relationships with pupils.

In this section, you can find out more about our Senior Leadership Team and Board of Studies.

Senior Leadership Team

Ian Munro
Daniel Wyatt
Deputy Rector
David Pocock
Jim Cuthbertson
Assistant Rector
Linda MacBeath
Head of Junior School
Louise Thrippleton
Academic Deputy
Kerry Bottomley
Director of Admissions & Communications



Board of Studies

Jenny Cunningham
Head of Faculty of Expressive Arts
David Miller
Head of Faculty of Language
Michael Smith
Head of Faculty Maths, Science & Technology
David Wilson
Head of Faculty of PE, Games & Outdoor Education
June Clark
Head of Faculty of Social & Business Studies
Tracy Nugent
Head of Nursery
Lorna Harkins
Head of Support for Learning
Joanna Maclean
Head of eLearning & Professional Development