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If you need to get in contact with any of our staff members please call the main office or use our contact form.

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Senior Heads of Years

  • Head of Senior 6: Ms D Gallacher
  • Head of Senior 5: Mr C Simpson
  • Head of Senior 4: Miss S Crichton
  • Head of Senior 3: Mrs L Harkins
  • Head of Senior 2: Mr B FitzGerald
  • Head of Senior 1: Mrs F Kennedy

Enterprise Coordinator

  • Mrs J Sheilds

Faculty of Language (English, Modern Languages)

  • Mr J Gilius (Head of Faculty)
  • Mrs A Mullan (Deputy Head of Faculty)
  • Mrs H Jephson
  • Mr D O’Neil
  • Miss M Orr
  • Miss L Preston
  • Ms C Winning
  • Mr D Miller
  • Ms D Gallacher

Faculty of Maths, Science and Technology (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computing)

  • Mr M Smith (Head of Faculty)
  • Miss L F Bruce (Deputy Head of Faculty)
  • Mr A G Mulholland (Deputy Head of Faculty)
  • Mr S H Connor
  • Ms V J Dunseith
  • Mrs L C FitzGerald
  • Mr B FitzGerald
  • Mrs A Gess
  • Mr G Guile
  • Mr I Nicholson
  • Mr B Parham
  • Miss L A Thrippleton
  • Mr C Watts

Faculty of Social and Business Studies (History, Geography, Modern Studies, Business Subjects, Religious Education)

  • Mrs J Clark (Head of Faculty)
  • Mr J Calder (Deputy Head of Faculty)
  • Mrs J Hannah
  • Miss D Laverick
  • Mrs N Mathews
  • Mrs B Meikle
  • Mr N Reid
  • Mrs J Shields
  • Mr C Simpson

Faculty of Expressive Arts (Art & Design, Music, Drama)

  • Mrs J Cunningham (Head of Faculty/Director of Music)
  • Mrs J Hardy (Deputy Head of Faculty)
  • Miss S Crichton
  • Mrs A Gallie
  • Mrs S Gillan
  • Mrs A H M Schneeberger

Faculty of PE, Games & Extra-Curricular (Games, PE, Outdoor Education, Extra-Curricular)

  • Mr DJ Wilson (Head of Faculty/Director of Games)
  • Mr C J Lawson (Head of Junior School Sport)
  • Mrs F Cafolla
  • Miss H Lang
  • Mr M McAlister
  • Mr G Mercer

Teachers of Senior Prep

  • Mr N Armet
  • Mrs F Kennedy
  • Mrs C Milne

Support for Learning (SfL)

  • Mrs L Harkins (Head of Department)
  • Mrs N Anderson
  • Miss H MacLeod

SQA Co-ordinator

  • Mrs C Campbell


  • Ms S Tipping
  • Ms S McLay

Duke of Edinburgh Award Coordinator

  • Mr N Reid

Head of Junior School

  • Mr A L Dickenson

Junior School Class Teachers

  • Junior 1A Mrs L McColl/ Mrs L Hill
  • Junior 2A Mrs E Henderson
  • Junior 3A Mrs E Laird-Jones/Mrs L Hill
  • Junior 4A Mrs S Rodger/Mrs G Robertson
  • Junior 4B Mrs A Stevenson
  • Junior 5A Mrs G Flanigan
  • Junior 5B Miss H Burleigh
  • Junior 6A Mrs S Paterson
  • Junior 6B Mrs A McAllister

Teachers with a specific remit:

  • Senior Teacher, Upper Primary: Mrs S Paterson
  • Senior Teacher, Early Years-Transition: Mrs L McColl
  • Senior Teacher, J2-J3: Mrs E Laird-Jones

Nursery Staff

  • Head of Nursery - Mrs T Nugent
  • Deputy Head of Nursery - Miss P Argue
  • Early years Practitioner and Holiday Session Co-ordinator - Mrs J Hartley
  • Early years Practitioner - Miss M McNeil
  • Early years Practitioner - Miss D Mardon
  • Early years Practitioner - Mrs J Pettigrew
  • Early years Practitioner - Miss S Singleton
  • Early years Practitioner - Miss E Sorensen
  • Early years Practitioner - Mrs G Stewart
  • Apprentice E.Y.P. - Miss S Burgon
  • Apprentice E.Y.P. - Miss M Farrell
  • Supportworker - Ms A Hutchison

Non-Teaching/Support Staff

  • Bursar - Mr D Pocock
  • Accounts/Administrative Assistant – Mrs P Chengeta / Mr G Mckee
  • Admissions Registrar - Mrs L Andonovic
  • Assistant Janitor - Mr S Lau
  • Assistant Groundsman - Mr B Fenton
  • CCF Head of Army Section - Mr J Ferguson
  • CCF School Staff Instructor/Outdoor Education Instructor - Mr M McAlister
  • Classroom Assistant - Ms G Hodge
  • Junior School Assistant/ SQA Co-Ordinator/e-Learning admin - Mrs C Campbell
  • Classroom Assistant - Mr A Docherty
  • Classroom Assistant - Mrs J Park
  • Classroom Assistant - Mr C Wormald
  • Classroom Assistant/After School Club Supervisor - Mrs A-M Gunn
  • Director of Admissions and Communications - Mrs K L Bottomley
  • Development Manager - Mrs E Solman
  • Facilities Manager - Mr C Shaw
  • Finance Officer/Deputy Bursar - Mrs E Cummings
  • Finance Assistant - Mrs J Arthurs
  • Head Groundsman - Mr C McFarlane
  • Head Janitor - Mr D Anderson
  • ICT Systems Manager - Mr J Brindley
  • IT Technician - Mr E Longmore
  • Junior School Secretary - Mrs I Lindsay
  • Laboratory Technician - Mrs P McArthur
  • Marketing and Communications Officer - Mrs L Young
  • PA to the Rector - Miss A-M Cormack
  • Road Crossing Patrol Staff - Mr A Craig
  • School Secretary/Receptionist - Mrs C Craig/Mrs S Lander/Mrs P Lindsay
  • School Nurse - Mrs L MacDonald/Mrs T Semple
  • Secretary to the Bursar - Ms M Fraser