World leading innovation school NuVu continues their partnership with Kelvinside Academy to offer a unique Summer Tech Camp in Glasgow -  the only NuVu studio experience available in Europe.    

Our Tech Camp (powered by NuVu) is where pupils grow their spirit of innovation. Immersed in the design process, pupils use their curiosity and creativity to explore new ideas and make their concepts come to life. 

The Tech Camp is open to pupils aged 11-18 from all over the UK 

Theme: Future Worlds

In Summer 2018, we time-travelled into the future to explore life on earth and outer space. We imagined the spaces we’ll be inhabiting and used our predictions to design, engineer and build inventions to help us live sustainably, healthily and productively in these intriguing, complex, and multifunctional Future Worlds.

Given all these changes, ten to twenty years from now, how will humans, machines, animals and nature coexist and interface? Will augmented reality gaming intertwine with the real world so seamlessly that we won’t be able to separate fact from fiction? How will 3D printers shape our culinary experiences and culture around eating? Will interactive experiences - combining art and technology - infuse our streets, allowing us to become more aware, thereby increasing safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers? Besides drones, birds and flying cars, what types of flying objects will be swarming in the sky?

Whether it’s humans using their brainwaves to control robotic prosthetics, or aerial drones working with ground drones to monitor and project crop harvests for farmers, or pet fashion integrated with sensors to allow communication with their owners, the future is rich with possibilities. In 2018, our theme was ‘Future Worlds’ and we explored all these topics and more while working together to design meaningful solutions for the future.

Studio Process and Skills

In each Studio, pupils are pushed out of their comfort zone, expanding their creative limits to come up with innovative solutions. In a period of two weeks, pupils go through the full design process: researching, conceptualizing, innovating, designing, and making using digital fabrication tools (3D printers and laser cutter). Working in small collaborative teams under the guidance of our expert Coaches, pupils develop essential social, problem-solving, communication and technology skills. The Studios are inspired by cutting-edge research and inventions from MIT as well as the vibrant technology and design industries.


Each studio is overseen by a NuVu Coach who offers support to pupils as appropriate to the studio problem. Carefully screened NuVu Coaches come from a range of backgrounds and bring a diversity of expertise; Coaches include PhD students at MIT and Harvard, entrepreneurs who are building their own companies and professionals developing innovative products in various fields. In addition, NuVu staff work closely with educators and experts in curriculum and assessment design to ensure the maximum educational impact of each program. 

Emily Glass

            Matt Tytel             

  Becca Rose Glowacki

Emily Glass is the NuVuX Coordinator and will lead the NuVu Glasgow team. Trained as an architect, she has always had deep interests in multidisciplinary design and progressive education. After working in residential and corporate architecture firms, Emily joined the team at NuVu in January 2016, where she has been working to build NuVu’s external partnership programs with schools around the world. Emily has a BA in Architecture from Columbia University in New York and an M.Arch from Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Matt is a software developer hailing from Oakland, California. Matt spent several years working in virtual and augmented reality. He created fun, physical simulations at an interactive virtual reality company called Leap Motion. He also worked at the video game studio Harmonix, contributing to Rock Band VR. In addition to teaching at NuVu, Matt currently designs software music synthesizers which he releases as free software.Becca Rose Glowacki is an artist-educator-researcher. Her work explores ways of storytelling between digital and physical spaces. She was one of the Playable Cities artists to develop ideas for Tokyo Olympics 2020, a regular at Now Play This. She a senior lecturer in Media Design at the University of the West of England, a member of the Digital Culture Research Centre, Bristol, UK. She has been working with NuVu since 2015, teaching studios on interactive accessories, interaction design, and wearable technologies.