2 Week Day Camp      23 July - 3 August      Cost £1100

Ever wanted to be in your own video game? Now you can, using the power of Augmented Reality (AR)! Augmented Reality is similar to Virtual Reality, but instead of placing you in a 100% virtual world, AR shows the real world mixed with virtual elements (Pokémon Go is the most famous example). In this studio, we will use Unity3D, a cross-platform game engine for video game development and interactive media installations, to build augmented games that place YOU in the heart of the action. You will enter a world of your own creation but populated by virtual challenges that you must overcome.

In this studio, we’ll create and program innovative augmented reality video games using Unity3D. We will learn how to program, create 3D models, and, above all, explore the design implications of AR, the newest form of media and entertainment. Send the main character (that’s you!) on an interactive virtual quest through your school; design whimsical fantasy worlds that emerge inside your bedroom; create a sci-fi story based on a world similar to Mars but taking place right here on Earth! Alongside the game design, students will conceptualize a strong narrative for the game and flex their digital art skills creating the graphics. After coming up with an initial idea, students will conceive the rules and structure of the game (gameplay), and build these into their game environment. Finally, we will move to the production phase and bring all the elements together to launch your Augmented Reality game!

What Skills/Technologies will be taught?

  • Game Design
  • Illustration
  • Storyboarding & Storytelling
  • Game Production & Editing
  • Sound Design & Sound Effect Creation
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Unity
  • 3d Modelling


Tuition fees for each 2-week studio are £1100 per pupil.

The fee includes:

  • daily lunch
  • all the equipment and supplies needed for each project
  • custom NuVu/KA t-shirt and sweatshirt
  • free flex-hours at check-in from 8.30am and pick-up by 5.15pm

Pupils are required to bring their own laptop to the program each day.


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It is expected that demand for places will be high so pupil registration is processed on a first-come, first-served basis and guaranteed once families enroll online and send their deposit payment. A maximum of 12 pupils will be accepted for each Studio. Because Studio enrolment is limited, we recommend that you register and send your final payment as soon as possible.  A deposit of £250 must accompany each registration.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Final payments must be made and received in full by 1 June 2018 otherwise the pupil’s spot will be forfeited to another pupil on the waiting list.