We make an implicit promise to parents — that your children will be known and cared for at KA, and that they will be guided thoughtfully through these critical years of their lives.

Form Tutors and Year Heads really get to know the pupils in their care.  If problems arise, we do our utmost to ensure that they are addressed quickly and sensitively. We regard good, honest communication as an essential aspect of the partnership between the school and home.

We think that our approach to pastoral care honours that promise and encourages an exploration of personal values and beliefs as well as a respect for the values and beliefs of others.

We not only look after the academic progress and achievement of our children but also regard emotional, physical health and well-being as a top priority. As such, we have developed and established a network of support, advice and care that enables children to flourish emotionally and socially, which will, in turn, help them to thrive academically.

Daniel J Wyatt BA(Ed) Hons 
Deputy Rector
Oversees all pastoral care at Kelvinside Academy

School Counselling Service

The Kelvinside Academy Counselling Service began in August 2018 and has completed its first year with an extremely successful and supportive review.  Our Counsellor is an experienced British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) qualified practitioner and their practice is externally supervised by a BACP supervisor. 
Referrals to counselling are made via members of the Pastoral Leadership Team, usually Heads of Year or School Nurses and on occasion, the Deputy Rector.  Pupils who wish to have an introduction to the School Counselling Service should speak to their Head of Year, who can complete the paperwork for a referral.  Parents who are exploring the possibility of counselling for their son or daughter should contact their child’s Head of Year, knowing that counselling can only work with the co-operation and agreement of the young person. 
What is discussed with the School Counselling Service is confidential unless there is consent to share or there is a safety concern about a child being at risk or in danger, at which point the counsellor will explain their duty to share information appropriately. 
The Deputy Rector meets with the School Counsellor to support good practice and manage the Service.  Any concerns about the School Counselling Service should be addressed to the Deputy Rector.

Junior School Pastoral

We have a full-time, fully trained school nurse, who is available throughout the school day to assist should a child fall ill or have an accident and become physically injured or hurt.

Our pastoral structure is such that no child will have to look far before finding the support they need.

At all times parents are part of that support framework by working in close partnership with the school via their child's teacher or Linda MacBeath, Head of Junior School. Both will make themselves available to talk in confidence about any concerns should they arise. Our J6 pupils also form a buddy system with our J1 pupils offering a helping hand whenever it is needed.

Senior School Pastoral

We really want your child to be happy and to achieve their full potential whilst at the KA and our aim is to provide a safe and caring environment in which pupils thrive. 

...all Senior School pupils have immediate access to our School counsellor when they require specialist emotional support and advice

When students join the school, their year group is divided into smaller class groups, led by a Form Tutor, who stays with them from S1 to S5 so that they will get to know each other well. This tutor's role is to oversee individual pupils' progress and acts as an essential link between student, teacher and parent and should always be a parent's first point of contact with the school. The tutor teams are headed up by Heads of Year, who work with class tutors to ensure that every single pupil feels safe and supported during their time at KA and develop the skills they need to live happy, healthy, balanced lives.  Our six Heads of Year are supported by Mr Wyatt, the Deputy Rector.

Pupils from Senior Prep to S6 have weekly PSE (personal and social education) age-appropriate classes where specialist teachers and Heads of Year provide a safe and supportive environment for discussions about decision-making, drugs and alcohol, intimacy and relationships, developing self-awareness as they prepare for independent lives.

Two of our teachers are also trained counsellors offering all Senior School pupils immediate access to a counsellor when they require specialist emotional support and advice.

A key strength of KA is our structure of pastoral care and the time that Heads of Year take to get to know individual pupils in their year group. This creates a secure, inclusive community in what can sometimes be difficult adolescent years.

As a school, we value courtesy and respect for each other; we have strict anti-bullying and behaviour policies.

At a time when adolescent mental health dominates headlines, it is right to mention the concept of resilience. The pace of life can catch up with all of us so as part of our progressive curriculum we are increasingly focusing on the potential of nature and wild places to support our pupils.

Our Nursery pupils spend time in our Forest Kindergarten which is good for social and emotional development and heightened self-awareness. The Junior School takes full advantage of the neighbouring Botanic Gardens and Children’s Wood to bring their curriculum to life and the senior pupils build resilience through a series of challenging outdoor education expeditions to our Highland Wilderness Campus and overseas.

An ability to understand the world as it is and imagine it as it could be are key traits of a KA pupil, both of which are built upon a strong platform of resilience, happiness and well-being.