Geography lessons at Kelvinside Academy inspire curiosity about the world. We pursue explanations for current global issues and help pupils to gain a secure understanding of the key concepts in physical and human Geography. Pupils appreciate the dynamic and interconnected nature of the subject and we take advantage of the flexibility we have to study the most recent and relevant world events. Lessons at all levels employ a variety of teaching and learning strategies.

Geography students hold the key to solving the world’s problems.

Michael Palin

In S1 and S2, pupils gain an in-depth knowledge of some of the most fundamental geographical concepts, studying topics such as ‘Environmental Issues’ and ‘Volcanoes and Earthquakes’. In S3 and S4, the National 5 course gives pupils their first real taste of field work: they have the opportunity to undertake a river study or to investigate the features of human geography surrounding the school.

They also study a range of Physical and Human topics, as well as learning about key current issues such as Global Health. Higher and Advanced higher Geography allow pupils to build on skills and knowledge from previous learning, furthering their understanding of key concepts as well as looking at more complex topics such as ‘Hydrosphere’ and ‘Population Demographics’.

From the start we encourage independent research, informed decision making, debates and creative projects. Geography comes alive as a relevant and important subject as we encourage our students to question and engage with current social issues as well as ancient environmental processes.

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