At Kelvinside Academy we encourage our pupils to take part in a wide range of sports and physical exercise. Not only to promote their health and wellbeing but to develop leadership skills, learn about teamwork and enjoy a sense of achievement.   Central to our philosophy is an understanding of the importance of fair play, sportsmanship and the necessity of self-imposed discipline in all areas of sport and life in general.

The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur.

Vince Lombardi

All pupils have the opportunity to engage in purposeful and enjoyable physical activity through the curriculum, games programme and outdoor education.

Unlike any other subject, PE’s main medium is human movement, so it is all about learning through action. It is a vital part of a young adult’s total education. Not only does it have huge physical and mental health implications but also contributes to many aspects of the pupils learning and development. We adopt a pupil centred approach to teaching and learning where lessons are tailored to meet the needs and abilities of the individual so that each pupil has the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential.

We also aim to promote health and fitness, enabling pupils to gain an awareness of the effects of exercise on the body and the role of exercise in a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education classes are taught from J1 through to S4 as a core subject in co-educational classes.  In S5/S6 pupils are offered certificate classes at SQA Higher level.  

A variety of sports are taught throughout the school year with the programme primarily based on traditional team games supported by a competition line of regular fixtures both midweek and at weekends.  The focus sports are rugby, hockey, cricket and athletics. Performance is developed though the weekly Games afternoons and mandatory co-curricular sessions after school. Pupils who are identified as having potential in these focus sports will be required to fully participate and represent the School when selected.

We also offer other participation sports within the curricular programme from S3, including rowing, shooting, tennis and fitness. Both rowing and shooting have regular competitions and extra training sessions to allow pupils to compete and represent KA.

Further recreational sports are offered to pupils to promote regular physical activity, health and wellbeing, stimulate interest and enjoyment.  These mostly take place on an extra-curricular basis and may involve some competition and weekend participation.  Recreational sports currently include: fitness, football, handball, climbing, mountain biking, canoeing, sailing, golf, hill walking, netball, table tennis and squash.


We have fantastic sports facilities at KA. The main school site hosts our main games hall equipped for badminton, basketball, gymnastics, handball, football, netball and volleyball. There is also a second smaller gym hall. Our multi-gym has been recently refurbished and, after an induction session, S4-S6 pupils can use this facility during their free time to develop their fitness.  There are treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical machines and six ergo rowing machines as well as weights and kettlebells for both strength and cardiovascular improvement. We also have an indoor 50m shooting range.

A short walk away is our Balgray Campus where pupils have access to outstanding facilities for rugby, hockey, cricket, tennis, football and athletics. As well as generous playing fields we have a floodlit all-weather hockey pitch which allow our sports teams to train and play throughout the season.

The extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities is supported by the Department’s highly committed staff, whose dedication is crucial to our many sporting successes. It is important to note, however, that competitive achievement is not the only driving factor, and the involvement of the broader KA community is another defining feature of sport at the School.

Outdoor Education