We study physics for three main reasons: physics is interesting, physics is useful, and physics enables a wide variety of careers. Physics can be as practical as calculating the stresses in a bridge or as abstract as mapping the curved space-time near a black hole.

It studies systems ranging in size from the smallest elementary particles to the entire universe. Physics is at the heart of everything.

Nothing happens until something moves.

Albert Einstein

In S3 and S4 the study of well-known physics applications is intended to stimulate interest and increase motivation of pupils of a wide range of ability. All learners should gain an understanding of some simple applications of physics. There are 3 study units for National 5 exams: Electricity and Energy, Waves and Radiation Dynamics and Space.

In S5 and S6 pupils are encouraged to develop skills in making critical and evaluative comment. Advances in physics mean that our view of what is possible is continually being updated. This course allows pupils to deepen their understanding of the processes behind scientific advances, and thus promotes awareness that physics involves interaction between theory and practice.

The courses enable pupils to become scientifically literate citizens who will recognise the impact physics makes on their lives, the environment and society, and be able to appreciate topical scientific debate. Pupils will develop skills for learning beyond school and for employment.