Our S6 pupils are offered a broad and stimulating environment for their final year at KA.

Academic responsibility and opportunities for leadership combine to create a challenging and rewarding experience. Our S6 pupils have established self-discipline and a balanced perspective on broader aspects of learning. More than ever their final year at KA is designed to prepare students for the academic and social rigors of university.


Dedicated and expert teaching staff and small tutorial groups build high academic standards for Post-Higher qualifications.  A focus on Advanced Highers and additional Highers provide a depth of knowledge invaluable in Higher Education. In S6 we aim to develop pupils academically not just to enable them to achieve entry to higher education but so that they do well when they reach the next stage of their education.

We see the S6 as a systematic preparation for independent studying and the different styles of teaching met in higher education. We also seek to provide good advice and information regarding choices of courses in university or college. Such academic training and help is, however, only one part of the equation.

Minerva Award – Community and Service

Equally important is our attempt to make Sixth Year a time of self-appraisal and self-development for all our pupils. Much of the validity of the Sixth Year revolves around this maturing process. In particular the Minerva Award provides the framework for the S6 leadership and personal development programme.  Pupils aim for 40 credits through a framework of academic study, contributions to the wider life of the School and voluntary service.

Voluntary Service

The S6 timetable allows our senior pupils to choose ‘Outreach’ as one of their subject choices.  This gives them seven periods a week to devote to community service.

Recent voluntary service platforms have included:

  • working with the Voluntary Tutor Organisation to help to run homework clubs in local primary schools in Maryhill and in the City Centre. They support pupils who need support in Maths and English or who have other special needs. Our pupils also do activities, such as board games, music and sport, that help to forge positive relationships with the younger children and give them a sense of achievement and enjoyment.
  • joining the befriending service at the Cadogan Street Soup Kitchen for homeless people where our students provide company and conversation for people living in temporary accommodation. Many of the service users at the soup kitchen have health problems and need social contact. Our pupils develop skills in meeting and helping people living very different lives within the same city.
  • setting up their own S6 charity to help teach English to Syrian asylum seekers as part of the weekly programme run by the local Maryhill Integration Network.
  • befriending and visit service with local elderly residents working with Glasgow Old Peoples Welfare Association and organising an annual sponsored walk.
  • coordinating a charity food drive for the Glasgow NW Food Bank.

In a world of global markets and competition one’s personal qualities and skills are important for future success. Thus encouraging personal reflection, recognising one’s strengths and being able to work collaboratively are important ingredients for future personal development.

Development Time & Visiting Speakers

Wednesday afternoons are devoted to development time for our S6 pupils.  There are sessions to cover leadership, entrepreneurship, finance and study skills.  Sessions on campus survival including cooking lessons are especially popular.

As well as practical preparation for University and life after school, we invite visiting speakers to offer thought provoking, intellectually challenging and interesting presentations to broaden both their knowledge and understanding of the wider world.

Mackenzie House – Sixth Year Centre

Our Sixth Year Centre is designed to help prepare S6 pupils for undergraduate study and university life.  It is only accessible to S6 pupils and gives them a measure of independence and responsibility.  They have more of their own time to organise and are encouraged to manage this maturely by allocating time to both private study and ‘social’ periods when they may elect to relax in Mackenzie House.

 They have use of a common room and kitchen, a spacious study room and multi-purpose seminar teaching room.  The facilities, with wi-fi throughout, were designed following conversations with the University of Glasgow, where collaborative learning areas give a flexibility to work in small groups.

An important feature of the S6 Centre is the careers library which offers up to date information on the many university and college courses available.  Our S6 pupils spend a lot of time considering their future and our Head of S6 and Head of Careers are on hand to help them with personal statements and their UCAS applications.