We are conscious of the high cost of independent education to parents, but believe that we provide exceptional value for money through our small class sizes and highly skilled teaching staff. Every effort is made to limit fee increases to the minimum necessary in order to maintain the high quality of education provided by Kelvinside Academy.  Our fees are listed per term - click below.

Junior & Senior School Fees

Nursery Fees


Included in the Fees

  • Text Books for all subjects
  • Art and IT consumables
  • Entrance fees and subscriptions
  • Personal accident and travel insurance
  • School curriculum outings
  • Examination fees

Family Discount

Parents who have more than two children attending school at the same time will receive a reduction (against tuition fees) of 25% for the third child and a 50% reduction for any subsequent children.

Morrisby Careers Guidance Service

A compulsory one-off enrolment fee of £140 is charged for pupils’ participation in the Careers Guidance Scheme at the appropriate age and stage. This is recovered over the Autumn term for those paying by direct debit or as an extra for those paying termly.


Kelvinside Academy firmly believes that a talented child should have the opportunity to receive a KA education and all the benefits and opportunities it presents. We are proud to be able to offer bursary funded places through the generosity of our former pupils, parents and friends. Bursaries are means tested taking account of family income and financial position of each applicant.

All those seeking admission to Kelvinside Academy from Senior Prep (P7) - Senior 6 can apply for a means tested bursary, however please note there is a finite amount of funding available each year and not all applicants will be successful. Awards are determined by the candidate’s performance throughout the admissions process.

Bursary funds are awarded on an annual basis for pupils of potential, new to the School, who are unable to afford full fees. Such pupils will undergo the normal admissions procedure and, in addition, parents/guardians will be required to complete a Bursary Application Form providing details of their financial position.  Closing date for bursary applications - Friday 3 January 2025.

In order to apply for a bursary, you must first submit a School Application for Admission indicating in the relevant section that you are seeking bursary support. Thereafter, you will be provided with access to a secure online application portal.

The Bursary Application Portal opens following our annual Open Day on Monday 13 November. The final date to request access to the Portal is the last day of term prior to the winter break, and all applications and supporting documentation must be uploaded by the closing date of Friday 5 January 2024.

Applicants are assessed in late January and are notified of the outcome of their application in early February.

Due to the competitive nature of the process, it is not possible to consider late applications. 

All bursaries are reviewed annually by the Awards Committee and assume the continuing hard work and commitment of the recipient along with maintenance of the parental contribution. 

For further information on bursaries, eligibility and the application process, please view the Bursary Policy.