Welcome from the Deputy Rector

Wellbeing is at the core of everything we do at Kelvinside Academy.

We are dedicated to knowing your child and helping them to  know themselves as they grow at Kelvinside Academy. Wellbeing is about much more than happiness; it is about understanding how our bodies and minds work and then learning to look after ourselves through the natural ups and downs of life.

In our modern society, the pressures of teenage life can seem far greater than they have been for previous generations. At Kelvinside Academy we want to help our pupils to find balance in a world of ever-changing pressures and distractions.

We encourage pupils to step outside their comfort zone, learning what happens when they have to fall back on their own resources. Sometimes they will get things right and sometimes they will get things wrong, but always within our safe and secure environment, with experienced staff on hand to offer support and guidance. 

We know that children who feel healthy, happy and safe perform at their best so we make an implicit promise to parents — that your children will be known and cared for at KA, and that they will be guided thoughtfully through these critical years of their lives.

Deborah Gallacher
Deputy Rector