Bursary Applications

Kelvinside Academy firmly believes that a talented child should have the opportunity to receive a Kelvinside Academy education and all the benefits and opportunities it presents.

The KA Foundation is able to offer bursary funded places through the generosity of our former pupils, parents and friends. Bursaries are means tested taking account of family income and financial position of each applicant.

All those seeking admission to Kelvinside Academy can apply for a means tested bursary, however please note there is a finite amount of funding available each year and not all applicants will be successful. When the overall level of assistance sought by applicants exceeds the total of funds available, awards will be determined by the candidate’s performance in the entrance assessments, school report and interview.

The KA Foundation provides bursary funds on an annual basis for pupils of potential, new to the School, who are unable to afford full fees. Such pupils will undergo the normal admissions procedure and, in addition, parents/guardians will be required to complete a Bursary Application Form providing details of their financial position.

Bursary Applications for the 2019-20 Session

are now CLOSED

The Bursary Application form is issued on request from the School and should be returned by the published closing date. (We can receive the completed application form for entry to the school in advance of receiving the bursary form). Due to the number of applications submitted to us each year we are unable to consider applications received after the closing date.

Applications for bursaries, from pupils who have successfully passed the normal selection procedures, are considered by the Awards Committee in February each year and parents informed in writing of the bursary awarded.

Bursary Levels 

Help with fees (10-100%) may be awarded on entry to P7 and to all years in the Senior School.

All bursaries are reviewed annually by the Awards Committee and assume the continuing hard work and commitment of the recipient along with maintenance of the parental contribution. 

For further information on bursaries, eligibility and the application process, please view the Bursary Information Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we apply for a bursary award?

If there is no bursary form included in your information pack, please call to request one from the Admissions Registrar. You must complete the bursary form in full and return it with the necessary supporting documentation.  We are unable to accept bursary forms without supporting paperwork to verify the financial information contained on the bursary application form.

How does Kelvinside Academy determine the level of bursary?

All bursary awards are means tested.  The Bursary Awards Committee consider each family’s financial resources, including both income and assets. Factors such as number of children and household outgoings are analysed to help set the level of award.

Can international applicants apply for financial aid?

International pupils are not eligible to apply for bursary awards.

What additional paperwork should I include with my bursary application?

Please make sure that you include documentation to provide back up evidence for the income and expenditure information contained within your bursary application.  Essential documents should include statements which confirm mortgage or rent payments, bank statements showing monthly bills, salary slips to confirm monthly income, business accounts if you run your own business and any government funding i.e. Tax Credit and Child Benefit.

What information is considered if the parents are divorced or separated?

The Bursary Awards Committee will consider the income and assets of both parents before making an award. Thus, both parents must provide information for the bursary application.

If more than one child is applying, do we have to complete more than one financial aid application?

No. You may use the form to apply for more than one child, however this is then considered to be a family award rather than an award made to each individual child.

What is the deadline for Bursary applications to be received by the School?

Bursary applications for the 2019/20 session are now closed.

What happens if we miss the Bursary application deadline?

Applications received after the deadline cannot be considered.

When will we be notified of our financial aid award?

Families are notified of the outcome of bursary applications when they receive the results of their application for places. This letter is normally sent out on the second Thursday in February. For current families, a confirmation update on their annual award will be posted out by the beginning of March.

What kind of bursary award can a family expect in the years subsequent to their first year of bursary award?

Bursary awards are subject to annual review, and families must complete a new application each year. Provided that a family’s financial circumstances have not changed, they can assume that any bursary awards will be renewed at the original level of funding. Ongoing good behaviour and effort by the pupil(s) are essential to continued bursary support.

How confidential is the application process and award?

All applications for bursary support are held in the strictest confidence throughout the application process and during a child’s time at Kelvinside Academy.