Being part of Kelvinside Academy is like being part of a large family. Not only current and former pupils, but parents, staff and governors all cherish the school’s distinctive heritage and have a shared interest in its continuing success. A common bond unites us all.   

We try to keep former pupils up to date with the goings on of their friends and colleagues.  This page also helps the various Sections to advertise upcoming events and encourage Academicals to get involved.   

We also like to remind our Academicals of the objectives of the Kelvinside Academical Club. These are the promotion of the interests of Kelvinside Academy and the maintenance and strengthening of the friendships formed thereby attendance, teaching, governing or parenting.   

With this objective in mind, the Academical Club invites Parents, Teachers, Support Staff and Governors, both present and past, to become associate members of the club and share in our objectives.  

If you wish to accept this invitation, all you have to do is send your name, address and email to Elaine Solman at the school.

As a member, you can join the Sections of the Academical Club, attend Business Breakfasts and Sporting Lunches and attend the Annual Dinner. I do hope that you will accept our invitation and I look forward to meeting you at an Academical function in the future.  

By growing the Kelvinside Academy family we can look after and protect the interests of this great school.

Andy Martin (1985)