S6 Experience

Our S6 programme focuses on the future and prepares pupils for what comes next. Whatever that may be, S6 pupils leave KA with the fundamental key skills to grow and succeed.

S6 pupils are offered a broad and stimulating environment in which they are encouraged to take responsibility, to explore their individual interests and strengths, and to discover new things. Given a little more independence, pupils thrive as they establish self-discipline and gain a balanced perspective on the broader aspects of learning and life.



Pupils can undertake Advanced Highers, delving deeper into the subjects that have captured their interest via workshop style teaching which serves as an introduction to the type of learning experiences encountered at university. Expert teaching staff deliver these, along with the wider programme of additional Highers that many S6 pupils undertake to develop a depth of knowledge invaluable in Higher Education.

We aim to develop not just a pupil’s academic knowledge, but to foster an ethos where pupils understand how they learn, encouraging them to think of themselves as life-long learners and giving them the skills to succeed in the next stage of their life.

  • Advanced Highers
  • Highers
  • National 5
  • College Courses
  • NUVU Innovation School
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS)
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)


Mackenzie House – S6 Centre

The S6 Centre is a separate school building that gives S6 pupils a measure of independence and responsibility which prepares them for life beyond school.

There are areas for quiet individual study, for collaborative meetings, for small teaching tutorials and for relaxing. The building also features a kitchen for the all-important cups of tea!

The S6 Centre fosters collaboration and contributes to a sense of belonging, encouraging all members of the year group to participate fully in all aspects of S6 life.


Leadership and Community Involvement

Opportunities to develop and display leadership skills are a key feature of S6 life at KA; opportunities are extensive and varied:

  • The captaincy team (school captains, house captains, sports team captains)
  • Prefects
  • Heading up an S6 committee (each of which takes charge of a different aspect of S6)
  • Showing moral leadership through participation in our vast community involvement, both inside and outside of school
  • Volunteer Tutor Organisation (VTO)
  • Combined Cadet Force (CCF)
  • Young Enterprise



We strongly encourage all pupils to participate in the wide and varied offerings of S6, but the year does involve a maturing process and relies upon the ‘buy-in’ and commitment of S6 pupils.

The MINERVA award provides a framework for personal development and commitment to the wider life of the School throughout S6. It aims to reward pupils who participate fully in the S6 programme, and culminates in the awarding of an engraved plaque and personal reference which recognises and highlights each pupils’ particular strengths and commitments throughout the year. These sought-after awards are presented, along with the usual ‘leavers’ hoodies’ and yearbooks, at the final year group ‘MINERVA Assembly’ in the last week of June.


PSE, UCAS and Visiting Speakers

S6 meet as a year group each week to participate in a programme which prepares them for life beyond school. A key focus of this is practical preparation for university as they are led through the UCAS application process and assigned a ‘referee’ who will discuss their options with them, offer advice and write their reference.

Other options for life beyond school - including apprenticeships and gap years - are also explored and these sessions also cover many important topics, including budgeting, study skills, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Visiting speakers offer input from various universities who cover topics such as ‘Choosing a University’, ‘Writing a Personal Statement’ and ‘Campus Survival’. We also have a number of external speakers from different charities and organisations who deliver thought-provoking seminars and encourage pupils to consider others and respond to the call to become responsible global citizens.


Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) programme

An optional element of S6 is for pupils to participate in the MVP programme. The majority of pupils normally opt into this peer mentoring programme that gives them the chance to explore and challenge the attitudes, beliefs and cultural norms that underpin gender-based violence, bullying and other forms of violence. A focus is on the role of the ‘bystander’ and discussion take place around moral courage and leadership. Once S6 pupils have undergone training, they deliver lessons to younger pupils within a classroom environment.

Summer Term Programme and S6 Expedition

Once exams are over, June is a busy time for S6 pupils. Whilst they no longer attend timetabled classes, there is a variety of school events for them to participate in including sports day, School show, and CCF ceremonies.

In addition to this, a programme of S6 events features workshops, a trip to our KA Wilderness Campus, various days out, and the recent addition of the S6 Expedition which pupils plan themselves throughout the year.