Innovation at KA

This is a must for Scotland if it is to continue to punch above its weight in the global economy during these challenging times. We truly believe we can and will transform education in the United Kingdom. We live in a rapidly changing world and schools need to provide an education which prepares young people to look at things differently.                                                                                               

Dan Wyatt, Rector                                                                          

Kelvinside Academy opened Scotland’s School of Innovation, the first of its kind in the UK, in September 2019.

Based on an architecture studio model, learning in the new Innovation School will be focussed on real-world challenges and collaborative problem-solving, rather than exams and results. Kelvinside has an exclusive partnership with the world’s leading innovation school NuVu - Boston-based education pioneers who are at the forefront of creative learning in the US.  Together, both organisations are working to challenge the boundaries of traditional education.

Kelvinside Academy is constantly challenging the concept of the traditional education system and all Kelvinside Academy pupils have the opportunity to benefit from the Innovation School programme.

The Building

As well as disrupting education, the project is a beacon for the construction sector as it is the country’s first sustainable building designed and constructed using circular and eco-design principles.

A stunning glass fronted construction, our Innovation School provides a unique three storey space.

Fabrication Studio - Ground Floor

The ground floor is a space where pupils use heavy workshop equipment on build projects involving mechanical design, material testing, laser-cutting, casting, wood working and large-scale prototyping.

Performance Studio - 1st Floor

The first floor is an exhibition, presentation and performance zone. A true multipurpose space, it accommodates a range of events and activities from student exhibitions and performance art, to lecture series and CPD workshops. Benefitting from a sprung wooden floor, it is also a rehearsal and performance space for the Expressive Arts.

Digital Studio - 2nd Floor

The top floor is a space for light fabrication, prototyping and digital-based studios where pupils explore electronics, games design, fashion design, VR and Augmented Reality, podcast studios, photography, film and art installations. Taking advantage of the glass walls and clear blue skies, the studio is also an inspirational brainstorming space.

It’s a wonderful time to be an engineer; so many world challenges, ripe for innovators and inventors. The world needs young people who are problem solvers, collaborators and creators. The Innovation School provides exactly the right creative environment for our young people to push the boundaries of their curiosity and learn through failure, as much as success.    

Catriona Schmolke, Senior Vice President, Jacobs