Welcome to the Senior School

Our pupils make the transition from Primary to Secondary education via our Senior Prep year group. This helps pupils become more confident moving around Senior School and helps develop their independence and organisational skills.

Pupils are taught by specialist subject teachers and benefit from their knowledge and particular expertise. Our teachers not only inform and instil knowledge but also look to enrich and encourage curiosity and intrigue, preparing pupils for a world full of uncertainty and opportunity through a rich and diverse curriculum.

Pupils at KA are offered a challenging and stimulating curriculum that has been designed to stretch their capabilities and maximise their personal development.

Teaching at KA is innovative and allows for every pupil’s specific needs to be met. Through the promotion of active learning and differentiated approaches to teaching and learning, pupils at KA make excellent progress and leave thoroughly prepared for life beyond the classroom.

KA pupils learn what is needed to prepare fully for Scottish Qualifications Authority examinations. Indeed, our excellent academic results, alongside the destinations of our recent leavers, provide a strong endorsement of this.

However, our pupils also develop a love of learning which stays with them long after they have left the School. We set high expectations of pupils not only in terms of their work ethic but also in terms of their intellectual ambition.