Welcome From The Rector

Our 2030 Vision

Welcome to Kelvinside Academy! I invite you to explore our website, a portal into the values, culture, and vitality of our remarkable school. Discover that we are a forward-thinking, person-centred, and dynamic "future school."

In my fifth year as Rector of one of Scotland's premier independent schools, I am privileged to lead an institution I intimately understand, having served as Deputy Rector for four years. We take pride in our reputation for exceptional teaching, robust academic achievements, outstanding pastoral care, and a diverse and relevant co-curricular program.

My motivation stems from the aspiration to provide each pupil with relevant educational experiences that equip them for success in adulthood. Our comprehensive curriculum, both inside and outside the classroom, empowers pupils to explore and nurture their unique passions. These attributes, along with our commitment to innovation across all facets of education, are deeply rooted in our storied history.

What resonates most with me is the warm and inclusive atmosphere at Kelvinside Academy. Our pupils value kindness, and I believe that this kindness is what elevates a good school to greatness, good people to great people you want to know.

Success in adulthood transcends exam scores. It hinges on a foundation of essential cross-cultural life skills: decision-making, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, effective communication, and strong interpersonal abilities. In a world dominated by social media, emotional intelligence, encompassing self-awareness, empathy, assertiveness, equanimity, resilience, and stress management, is equally crucial.

We must have faith that young people everywhere can offer hope, reconciliation, and solutions to the substantial challenges that await them in the future. We produce young people who are positive agents for change in their communities.

I am incredibly optimistic that KA can be a potent force for good. Daily, I collaborate with dedicated and innovative educators who inspire me. Every day, I engage with pupils whose energy and kindness fill me with hope. I firmly believe that Kelvinside Academy's distinctiveness is a source of inspiration and wisdom that we should celebrate and share.

At its core, Kelvinside Academy is about recognising and nurturing the individual. Each pupil is encouraged to craft their unique school journey. Our size and approach allow us to invest the time to understand each child's distinct background, personality, and goals.

I trust you will find our website a valuable starting point. KA is undeniably a special place to live and work, and I encourage you to visit, meet our dedicated staff and pupils, and spend time getting acquainted with us. Regardless of your child's interests, I assure you they will discover numerous opportunities at Kelvinside Academy to ignite their passion and creativity.

With warm wishes

Daniel J Wyatt BA (Ed) Hons