Junior 3-6

Children learn when they have a base in knowledge. If teachers make sure children have the opportunity for a wide variety of experiences to build upon, there’s much more they can learn, because our brains are built to connect new learning to existing knowledge.

We’ve worked hard to create an environment which allows for different experiences every single day, where children can work together with their peers rather than be directed by a teacher.

A place where they can question and challenge - not just accept things as they are.

After a major refurbishment, all our Junior School classrooms now feel like completely flexible collaborative spaces, rather than classrooms. Children learn best when they are active in their learning. The environment is set up in such a way so the children are afforded different opportunities to work and collaborate with different people.

Working together with peers removes the hierarchy and allows for more cognitive conflict. This is how true understanding develops, as pupils are constantly rethinking rather than remembering. This process allows them to develop an array of skills, a basis of knowledge and to connect with the wider world.

By giving pupils a say in what they learn and how they learn it, they become active participants in the process.

Junior school student looking at historical maskPresenting information and learning is not one size fits all; we want to develop young people who are full of curiosity and wonder, and are given the time, space and opportunity to follow their enquiries.

Our teachers spend a significant portion of their time on personal development and all share a similar growth mindset. It’s one of our values that we invite challenge from pupils. If a lesson’s boring, our teachers want to hear that feedback so they can continue to evolve their approach.

Our approach revolves around our fundamental belief that intelligence isn’t fixed. So, we’ve created an environment where children can work together to improve as young people. From the moment pupils begin their early years education, we want to instil values, and create an opportunity for pupils to follow their passions while developing all the social and cognitive skills they need.