Combined Cadet Force

The CCF is a youth organisation supported by the Ministry of Defence with His Majesty the King as its Captain General. The CCF in the United Kingdom is made up of over 250 school Contingents, the majority of which are from independent schools.

Kelvinside Academy runs its own Cadet Force with Royal Navy, Army and RAF sections but is not a pre-Service organisation. It’s a fantastic way of developing qualities such as endurance, resourcefulness, self-reliance, responsibility and leadership – as well as instilling a sense of public service.

Kelvinside Academy has one of the largest CCF Contingents in Scotland

Membership is compulsory for all S3 pupils with many pupils choosing to remain in the CCF through to S6. CCF activities are directed and managed by a dedicated team of staff and benefit from routine visits from regular forces service personnel.

Through CCF pupils have the opportunity to try flying, sailing, camping, shooting, orienteering, engineering and many other activities.

In addition to a weekly programme of activities, there are opportunities to join numerous adventurous training camps and courses during the holidays and at weekends.

In recent years, cadets have successfully completed courses such as canoe instructor, winter mountain skills in the Cairngorms, PADI diving, multi-pitch climbing in Spain and the prestigious Rocky Mountain leadership camp in Canada.

Army training will develop skills such as map reading, drill, safe weapon handling, fieldcraft and section tactics. Detailed weapon-handling training is, of course, mandatory and an assessment must be passed before any shooting takes place.

RAF training will provide pupils with knowledge of navigation, the theory of flight, and aircraft recognition. When cadets are sufficiently skilled pupils are given the chance to go flying from Glasgow Airport.

The emphasis in our Naval section is on most aspects of boat work, afloat activities and adventure training. There’s also the opportunity to set sail with power boating and sailing. Pupils will acquire basic naval knowledge through the study of sailing theory and practice, chart work and navigation, and will engage in a variety of leadership tasks.