Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate that applying to a new school can be quite daunting and it is very normal to have lots of questions.

We hope that our website helps address many of your questions, but we have provided answers below to our most commonly asked questions in the hope that parents are able to find information they are looking for quickly.

We take enquiries all year round, however, the main admissions process starts in September in the lead up to our Open Day in November.

Early Years (ages 3-7)

  • Nursery 1
  • Nursery 2
  • Junior 1
  • Junior 2

Junior School Middle Years (ages 7-9)

  • Junior 3
  • Junior 4

Junior School Upper Years (ages 9-11)

  • Junior 5
  • Junior 6

Senior Prep (P7 – ages 10 & 11)

  • The transition year to Senior School.

Most year group have two classes at each stage.

In Junior School the average class size is around 18. This rises to 20 in Senior School. The average Year Group is around 65 pupils.

The pupil split in the Junior School is approximately 47% girls and 53% boys.

The pupil split in the Senior School is approximately 55% girls and 45% boys.

Children are taught either French or Spanish from J1- J3 – this changes each year to give the children a chance to experience both. From J4-J6 the children are taught both languages.

We only provide meaningful and purposeful homework, known to have a positive impact on long term learning. We highly value the homework we provide, but also value time for family, play dates and pursuing other interests, so closely monitor homework loadings to ensure it is a manageable and pleasurable amount for our young students.

There is a wide choice of clubs and activities on offer throughout Junior School and Senior School.

Our Bursary support starts from Senior Prep. Bursaries are not available for J1-J6.

For applicants to SP-S6, the School provides financial assistance to parents who would not otherwise have been able to send their children to the School, in the form of bursaries. It is the policy of the School that all new applicants for financial assistance are means-tested, and that existing recipients submit an application form each year for the School to ascertain the level of support available for the ensuing year. The School welcomes pupils from all backgrounds and provides financial assistance to gifted children from poorer economic backgrounds to allow them access to this excellent education.

The School also offers fee remission in the form of a sibling discount (25% for the third child).

Please refer to the Fees Page for details of eligibility and how to apply.

Yes, our pupils enjoy school trips from J1. These trips are usually related to the class topics and study themes. Pupils from J4-J6 enjoy an annual residential trip at a specialist outdoor activity centers in Scotland.

There are also many day trips for Senior students, run by school faculties to enrich and extend learning in all subjects where appropriate. All SP-S3 pupils enjoy a 4-night residential trip in May to outdoor education centers situated around Scotland and the North of England.

All pupils starting J1 are allocated a J6 buddy who is on hand to ensure they feel supported in the playground and always have a friendly face available in their early school days. All new pupils joining from J2-S6 are allocated a buddy to support them around school and ensure they have a good joining experience.

All J1-SP are required to take a school lunch. Only SP pupils have access to the School snack bar at break and lunchtimes.

All pupils from S1-S6 can opt to take school lunches. A school café/snack bar is available at break and lunch times. S5 and S6 pupils are permitted to leave school grounds at lunchtime.

During the admissions process your questions can be directed to Kerry Bottomley, Director of Admissions & Communications.  


Once your child has started school, any questions should be directed to the Junior School Secretary [email protected] in the first instance, who will correctly direct your query. 

Any serious issues can be directed to Mrs Sweeney, Head of Junior School [email protected]. Please do not email teachers directly.


Once your child has started school, all general questions should be directed to Reception [email protected] in the first instance, who will correctly direct your query.

Any pastoral issues can be directed to your child’s Head of House – please see contact details on the Staff Page. Please do not email teachers directly.

There are four school bus routes which are currently free of charge to KA pupils. These routes cover the Northside from Killearn, Southside from Fenwick, M74 from Hamilton and Renfrewshire from Kilmacolm. Detailed timings and stops can be found on the Parent Page.

Yes, you can allocate your Early Years council funding to your nursery place.

We do not have a specific EFL Teacher so pupils applying to join KA must have a strong enough grasp of both spoken and written English to allow them to access the curriculum.

Yes, we have both a Breakfast Club and After School Club offering breakfast from 8am and after school care until 6pm. Details can be found on our Parent Page.

The school day starts at 9.50am with Registration.

Lunch is from 12.45-1.45pm.

The academic day finishes at 3.45pm with many after school sports and extra-curricular activities taking place each day from 3.45pm-5pm.

As a smaller school, all pupils are expected to be available to play hockey or rugby for the School on a Saturday morning if selected. If a pupil is unavailable due to prior external commitments, this should be flagged and discussed with the Rector during the Admissions Process.