Welcome to the Early Years

WHY?  WHAT?  HOW?  WHY?  WHEN?  WHO?  WHY? ...

Fun-loving, happy and engaged with life and learning is something every parent wants for their child.

As I write this, I can hear the sound of our youngest pupils laughing away and asking endless questions of our teachers. It is so incredibly reassuring and always makes me smile too.

At Kelvinside Academy we focus all our efforts on supporting your child to learn and grow in an environment that is not just incredibly fun and exciting, but nurturing and challenging too.Nursery student with lizardThe last year has been hugely challenging, but it’s also a global pattern interrupt. Everyone has had the opportunity to ask questions of themselves. As educators it is necessary that we consider if what we were doing before was really creating the best possible outcomes.

We realised that if we want to teach our children to collaborate, challenge and follow their own curiosity, we have to start with the classroom. Classrooms haven’t really changed since the Victorian era. They are typically set-up for children to be recipients of the information shared by the teacher, in rows front-facing and not with peer collaboration in mind. This teaches them to be compliant. Compliance can often be thought of a positive attribute, but when it comes to thinking, and learning – we must strive for more than this.

We want to light the fire of learning, that together with the children, we nurture and ensure that the flame burns strong and bright.

We want our children to flourish in every part of life.

If your child was to visit a school in Finland or Sweden, their experience would be radically different because of their strong pedagogical approach, which focuses on play and relationships, and allows for learning to take place through their interaction with each other. That’s key to our philosophy at Kelvinside Academy – especially in the Early Years of 3-6 years old where learning through play is so important.

The best way to discover if this is the right place for your child is to come and visit us.

We understand that for you, as a parent, choosing the first years of your child's education is one of the biggest decisions you have made so far. You shouldn't make it lightly. Please come and see us, understand what makes Kelvinside Academy Early Years so special, and be prepared to hear lots of giggling and more questions!!

Clare Sweeney, Head of Junior School and Nursery

Clare Sweeney
Head of Junior School & Nursery