2024 Open Day - 2 November

We all know by now that not all young people learn the same way. What’s already happening at Kelvinside Academy is an example of what can be possible when teaching is more centred around skills and practical experience.  

Successful young adults need to be creative, collaborative researchers who can apply knowledge to solving problems that will increase business and commercial success.

Pupils need a flexible learning environment where they can develop the skills needed to become experts, innovators and entrepreneurs

As the power, scope, and ease of using AI improves with every passing week; it would be educational malpractice to ignore what this means for your children and their employability.

The world of work has changed immeasurably and schools must break the cycle of laser focus on grades and university alone and embrace diversification and new methods that better prepare young people for what comes next - be it industry, entrepreneurship, technology, sport, music, or wherever they excel.

At Kelvinside Academy, we are able to make progressive choices and pilot alternative methods that pave the way for true innovation in all forms of education

At our Open Day, you'll get a unique opportunity to learn more about what we're doing to address these challenges by creating a bespoke curriculum for each and every pupil.


Register for our Open Day to see how our NurseryJunior and Senior Schools are preparing young people for the future. 

One of  our Senior 6 pupils will show you round and be delighted to share their personal experience of life at Kelvinside Academy.


Each department will be open and ready to introduce you to what learning looks like in their subjects, and provide a window into the unique pupil and teacher relationships that are fostered here.


Our Senior Leadership and Admissions teams will be on hand to answer any questions you might have over a cup of tea, and will share more about what we do differently at KA.


To help us manage the flow of visitors on the day, we ask that you register in advance, indicating your preferred arrival time in the form below. 


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