The Minerva Challenge is an award scheme, developed in the Junior School.  It is open to all pupils in Junior 4, Junior 5 and Junior 6 and involves the children participating in similar character building activities to the Duke of Edinburgh Awards at an age appropriate level. The children will be given opportunities to do things that will be completely new to them and to improve skills in areas they are already familiar with.  They will build their confidence and resilience by being pushed out of their comfort zone while in a safe and encouraging environment.

The Minerva Challenge is split into 4 challenge areas: 

 Me and My World

We ask pupils to think about ways they can help out in their world. It begins at home and then we ask them to consider the local community and beyond. 


Commit to a regular sports class or exercise activity outside school.


Pupils choose a number of areas to learn more about or improve their expertise.


This challenge takes the children outdoors.  They will be required to set themselves targets to achieve and they will be presented with problems to solve.

The Minerva Challenge is a fantastic way to help children build confidence and develop skills, but more importantly it encourages them to rise to challenges and opens the door to new experiences.

Gordon Buchanan, Minerva Challenge Patron

The challenge is split into three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. At each level the four challenge areas become more demanding and require increased commitment. Click the symbols below to view the Challenge Booklets.