Our expert staff use the Curriculum for Excellence framework (Early Level) to ensure your child receives the very best early year’s education within a safe, inspiring and fun environment.

We love the sound of laughter in our Nursery where we find the right balance between play and learning.

The combination of play and learning at Kelvinside Academy Nursery, together with its connection to the main school, is invaluable in preparing your child for school life. By tailoring their education to meet their individual needs we give them the best possible start as they develop new cognitive, physical and emotional skills.

By playing and learning with other children regularly from a young age children develop essential social skills as they learn to share and make friends. Within our Nursery, they also learn to listen, follow instructions and work well individually and in a group - essential skills for a successful transition to school.

Children at our Nursery enjoy exciting play opportunities that in turn develop and teach them all the core skills of Early Years Learning. Through broad and balanced experiences the children are encouraged to play, to learn and to share. Each child forms strong relationships with his or her key worker, who ensures planned, personalised and purposeful learning.

Life at Nursery

Whether the children are expressing their creativity through painting and craft work or exploring their imagination through storytelling and role play, learning is designed to inspire and educate your child through fun and adventurous play.

  • Messy Play - Children love messy play activities including painting, crafts, sand and water.
  • Physical Play - Both indoors and outdoors, children are always able to stay active and burn off their boundless energy, whatever the weather.
  • Imaginative Play - Using computers, interactive smart boards, reading and writing, the children are able to stretch their creativity, imagination and logical thinking.
  • Role Play - For each topic we cover the children devise their own role play corner to explore the topic using their imagination and creativity.

Forest Kindergarten

With a huge outdoor play area, access to all-weather pitches, playing fields and wild gardens our nursery pupils enjoy extensive daily outdoor learning, come rain or shine.  They also now have a weekly structured Forest Kindergarten experience, allowing children to play freely in nearby woodland. As well as increased physical activity, it’s a great place for children to witness nature first hand and discover more independence through real-life experiences.

Children take part in a range of activities, including exploring for bugs, tracking animals, building dens, arts and crafts and learning about the dangers and risks to look out for.

Research has shown that outdoor learning leads to a range of benefits for children’s development, including better concentration, better communication skills, greater stamina, improved balance and coordination, increased confidence and appreciation of the outdoors.

Transition to School

Our nursery pupils have a regular structured timetable of visits to the main school so that the transition to Junior 1 is effortless. When they move to Junior School they settle very quickly as they have the advantage of knowing the Junior School staff and are familiar with the site.

Throughout their time in the nursery, the Nursery pupils enjoy lessons in the Junior School gym, attend assemblies and performances in the Junior School and enjoy lunch in the School dining hall.

They also join Junior School pupils in assemblies in the hall, visit classrooms and meet up with the Junior 5 pupils who will be their buddies when they move to Junior 1.

Parents are also invited to events, performances and special visits to School to further assist their child in making the big transition to School.