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Working with the trustees of the Minerva Educational Trust, the Development Office is responsible for implementing a long-term, integrated fundraising and Academical relations programme. We work with the Kelvinside Academical Club to provide a calendar of events and reunions. The office also supports the Rector and Governors in their aim to develop the School and realise their vision for the future.

Elaine Solman,
Development Manager


Minerva Educational Trust

The School motto is “ever to be the best” which encapsulates our aim to help each boy and girl to be and do their best in every aspect of life.  Our aims and values set out the skills and personal qualities we hope pupils will acquire at Kelvinside Academy and reflect our vision of why we educate young people.  In encouraging them to be the best they can be, we want the best for them.

The Minerva Educational Trust is the School’s fundraising and development body. Trust Chairman, Melville Scott (1979), heads up a team of Trustees who have a strong mix of experience and expertise.

School fee income finances the day to day running of the School, the extensive upkeep programme of the buildings and grounds as well as small refurbishment projects. We offer excellent value for money at KA and it remains vital to maintain our fees at an affordable level to ensure that the very special education we provide is as accessible to as many children as possible.

The School offers a number of means tested bursaries to enable children, who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the School, to benefit from an education at Kelvinside Academy.  These bursaries have the power to make a huge difference to children’s opportunities and life chances.  In bringing bright and talented young people from a wide range of backgrounds to the School, The Trust can fulfil the School’s aims in bringing the best out of everyone.

With our commitment to small classes and our means tested bursaries, our income stream is finite and we need to fundraise to ensure that we are able to offer the children an environment where they will flourish in the 21st Century.  Development of a sustainable Bursary Fund and Capital Expenditure Fund relies much more on philanthropy and generosity of Academicals, parents, past parents, and friends of the School. 

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Allan McKendrick
Allan Neilson
Andrew Martin
Chris Nugent
David Rowand
Donald Wilson
Doug Harvey
Ian Nairn
Norrie Fyfe
Peter Drummond
Richard Eadie
Sandy Dalziel
Stuart Dalziel
Yvonne Craig
John Sinclair

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Bursary Fund 

Brighten Horizons…Give an Education

By donating to our Bursary Fund you are helping offer a number of Bursaries to children, who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the School, to benefit from an education at Kelvinside Academy.  We believe that Bursaries have the power to make a huge difference to children’s opportunities and life chances.

Providing Bursaries is not only crucial to sustaining our charitable status but it also underpins our core aim to help every child to be the best they can be. Bursaries also allow us to support our current pupils should their personal family circumstances unexpectedly change.

Opportunity Waits…

We are looking to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to achieve their full potential at Kelvinside Academy.  If you would like to sponsor a pupil throughout their Senior Education or set up a criteria for a specific award please contact Elaine Solman.

Smaller gifts can make a big difference too.  If 100 people each gave £100 it would allow us to support a pupil through their Higher Year in S5.

Together we are investing in the future and funding opportunities for boys and girls of potential.  The more generous you are; the more children can benefit from the Kelvinside experience.  

Contributions to the Bursary Fund can be made in any of the following ways:  

  • A one-off gift 
  • A modest monthly standing order
  • A legacy in a will 

Please contact Elaine Solman to discuss any contribution you wish to make. 

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Capital Projects 

The Wellbeing Roof Garden Project

This year, in conjunction with the PTA, an outdoor Roof Garden is being created which will benefit both Junior and Senior School pupils.  This will become a unique outside teaching area as well as a beautiful spot for quiet time, reflection and innovative thinking. 

Continuous development of our facilities is essential to the evolution of high quality education offered at Kelvinside Academy.

In recent years there has been substantial development around the School; construction of the Kennedy Mall, refurbishment of the Library and Mackenzie House (Sixth Year Centre Centre).  Our playing fields at Balgray have seen the addition of an all-weather pitch, a new Pavilion and new state-of-the-art Nursery.  The local community are also able to fully utilise these facilities.  These projects have been funded partly from income and partly through the generosity of the wider KA Community and Trusts. 

With our commitment to small class sizes and means tested bursaries, our income stream is finite and we need to fundraise to ensure that we are able to offer our children an environment where they will flourish in the 21st Century. 

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K.A.C Lottery

The Kelvinside Academical Club has established a lottery initiative to fund two bursaries per annum.  Three draws will take place per year: Spring, Summer and Winter. The the draw will take place at the end of each School term.

The lottery takes the form of a monthly direct debit of £10 per month. Each payment acts as a ticket so players will have a number of chances as each draw takes place.  Prize winners receive the following amounts:-

  • 1st Prize x 1    £500
  • 2nd Prize x 2   £150 each
  • 3rd Prize x 3    £100 each
  • 4th Prize x 10  £50 each 

To take part, please complete this Direct Debit Form,  with your payments set for the 10th day of each month, and return to Elaine Solman, Development Manager. 

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How to Give

  • Gift Aid It
    • What is Gift Aid? - Gift Aid is a simple way for the School, as a charity, to increase the value of gifts of money we receive from UK taxpayers.
    • How does Gift Aid work? - When a UK taxpayer gives a gift of money to a charity, tax has already been paid on that money. This money, therefore, qualifies for Gift Aid. We are exempt from tax so we can claim an amount equal to the tax paid by the donor on their donation as a payment from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) at no cost to the donor.
    • How much is Gift Aid worth? - Gift Aid currently allows us to claim back 25p for every £1 you give to us, boosting the value of your donation by a quarter. All we need from you is permission to reclaim the tax you have paid to HMRC. You grant us permission to do this by ticking the ‘Gift Aid It’ box on the donation form.  If you pay tax at the higher rate you can reclaim the difference between the amount and the basic rate on your own tax return.
    • For companies, simply pay the gift in full and claim tax relief for this amount on your corporation Tax Return.
  • Cheques, Cash or Standing Order
    • We can accept donations in a variety of ways. You do not have to use the Gift Aid method but clearly, it benefits the charity if you do. So, providing you have paid sufficient tax to cover the basic tax on the gift, it is very beneficial. Any amount of gift will qualify for Gift Aid.
  • Gift of Shares
    • Giving shares rather than cash donations could be a wise investment decision due to the tax relief which can be claimed on the value of donated shares.
    • You as the donor can claim tax relief equal to the market value of the shares on the day you make the transfer, together with any associated costs such as broker's fees.  The relief is against your income tax for the year.  For example, if you donate £1000 worth of shares and you are a high-rate taxpayer, you will pay £400 less in income tax that year. Additionally, you will not have to pay any capital gains tax (CGT) on any increase in the value of the shares since you bought them.
  • Stocks, Property and Works of Art
    • Direct transfer to the Appeal of assets such as stocks, property and works of art do not incur capital gains tax.
  • Legacies
    • With the long term future of the School in mind, we are asking everyone from our extended community to consider making us a gift in their Will.
    • Leaving a gift in your Will may be the ideal way to help if circumstances do not allow you to make a donation during your lifetime.
    • Legacy giving may also have tax benefits by reducing the amount liable to inheritance tax.
    • If you do decide to leave a gift in your Will to the School, it would be helpful to have an indication of your intentions. A Confidential Pledge Form is available and the information given will help our long term planning.
  • Company Sponsorship
    • Trading companies, sole traders and trading partnerships sponsoring a charitable activity can claim tax relief for sponsorship payments providing the payments are made wholly and exclusively for the purpose of your trade.
  • Contact
    • If you wish to make a difference please download the Gift Aid Form and return to Development Manager, Elaine Solman, indicating which area of the School you wish to benefit from your donation.
    • Further information about any aspect of the methods by which you can make a donation to the School can be obtained by contacting Elaine Solman, Development Manager, on 0141 357 3376.
    • All donations should be paid to the Minerva Educational Trust, the fundraising arm of Kelvinside Academy.

The Kelvinside Academy Minerva Educational Trust is a registered Scottish Charity – SCO37138.

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