Kelvinside Academy aims to foster the study of history as a lifelong interest and pleasure for pupils. There is always something new to discover in history. History enables understanding of different societies and gives an insight into the world we live in. By engaging with major historical issues pupils develop their ability to think critically and independently.

There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.

Harry S Truman

History trains the mind and teaches about how to think and process information. It places importance on the collection of evidence; asking questions about it, giving opinions on it, working out ideas and explanations and forming conclusions.

Pupils learn how to work with a variety of evidence such as documents, books, photographs, drawings, diagrams, films, exhibits in museums and historical sites. A history course develops skills in selecting evidence, evaluating that evidence and making judgments upon it.  

Pupils in S1 and S2 follow a broad curriculum introducing events and themes across Scottish, British, European and World contexts.

In S3 and S4 pupils study National 5 History with three taught units: The Era of the Great War, 1900-1928; The Atlantic Slave Trade, 1770–1807; Free at Last? Civil Rights in the USA, 1918–1968.

The National 5 course leads to progression to Higher and Advanced Higher History.  

At Higher level the courses studied are: Britain 1815-1951; Germany 1815-1939 OR Russia 1881 – 1921; Migration and Empire, 1830 – 1939.

At Advanced Higher level pupils will gain deeper understanding of historical themes and further develop the skills of analysing issues and events. There is a greater emphasis in demonstrating understanding of historical interpretation and the views of historians when drawing conclusions and evaluating sources.

There is also a much greater emphasis on independent learning and research: Pupils study either: Scotland: the Wars of Independence, 1284–1357 OR The Spanish Civil War: Causes, Conflict and Consequences, 1923–45.

Pupils have the opportunity to develop their interest in History through field trips, competitions and various other activities enabling them to become engaged, well informed citizens.