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All pupils are encouraged to pursue co-curricular interests as part of a balanced education.

Natural aptitude and interests are spotted early in the school career and pupils are given a vast range of opportunities to develop these budding skills into valuable and accomplished talents and experiences.

Whether through participation in sport, the performing arts, community support, or involvement in a vast array of other activities such as Young Enterprise, Debating, Chess, Photography, Film, Eco Schools or Charity Fundraising, there is a group for everyone and new clubs are created every year.

We encourage a wider world view with pupil action groups and growing community partnerships with local organisations.

This global outlook is further supported by an expanding programme of international education and exchange visits together with our extensive community and charity work. 

Young Enterprise

The Young Enterprise Programme enables students to set up and run their own company over the course of one academic year.  In doing so, they learn about all aspects of business such as market research, finance, sales production or service provision, customer service and HR Pupils work through the programme with support from a volunteer business advisor.  During the process pupils sell 'their wares' at the Christmas Trade Fair in Glasgow Concert Hall, competing against other schools for 'Best Stall'.


At the end of the year they liquidate the company and present a report and accounts to the YES Board. 

This is followed by a presentation evening at which the Glasgow Companies go head-to-head in a 'Dragon's Den' format to compete for the prestigious title of 'Best Glasgow Company'.  Pupils are also invited to sit the Young Enterprise exam, in association with Strathclyde Business School. 

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Duke of Edinburgh

Involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award gives pupils a great deal of enjoyment and a sense of achievement as well as an award which is highly valued by universities and employers.

Kelvinside Academy offers all three levels of the award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Usually participants start with Bronze in S3 and can work through to Gold in S6.  The best known part of the Award is the Expedition, which lasts two days at Bronze level and four at Gold.

In addition, the Award requires participants to undertake three other activities: Volunteering, Skill and Physical Recreation.

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As part of the diverse co-curricular programme at Kelvinside, pupils have the opportunity to join a number of clubs to further stimulate their individual interests or explore something new.

There are a wide variety of groups available, many of which run during lunchtimes or after School to avoid a conflict of interest with other academic and co-curricular commitments.

Extra Curricular Clubs 2018-19

Due to a growing trend for top universities and businesses to judge candidates not only on their academic success but on transferable life skills and experiences, such co-curricular opportunities have never been more valuable.

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